Easy Romantic Radha Krishna Drawing


This is romantic radha krishna drawing step by step guide mainly for beginners. Here in this article you’ll see god krishna and maa radhe’s cute and beautiful drawing. And we are also gonna guide you that how you can draw it by using very simple, cheap and less material.

Romantic Radha Krishna Drawing Guide

Romantic Radha Krishna Drawing

Material Used

  1. Drawing paper – Normal drawing paper is also good but you can use 140GSM to 200GSM paper for good results.
  2. Drawing Pencils – 2H and H graphite pencils. You can use basic camelin pencils or good quality steadtler pencils.
  3. Eraser – Normal eraser is sufficient. You don’t need any special eraser.
  4. Color pencils – DOMS color pencils. We have created this artwork with simple DOMS pencils and just by using 12 Shades of it. And still it comes out a beautiful artwork.
  5. Black color pen to make outlines of drawing figures. It’s basic drawing so for making it attractive and to add boldness in outlines you can use black color gel pen.


Radha Krishna Drawing Outlining

First step is outlining of romantic Radha Krishna drawing. Here outlining is done with H and 2H pencils. As said this drawing is made with simple art supplies and we are gonna guide you for that. 

It’s not always necessary to use high quality art supplies for creating beautiful art. It just that high quality art supplies make your task easier and gives it better look.

So, here for outlining we have used camelin graphite pencils of 2H and H grade.

Start Filling Colors In Lord Krishna Drawing

After outlining start filling colors in lord Krishna’s drawing. As you can see we have used color pencil medium for coloring. While coloring take care of color shades, light and dark combination and accuracy as you can see in skin tone of lord Krishna. Using Light and dark shades of same adds liveliness to drawing.

Same thing to apply in clothes of Krishna. Here we have used combination of yellow and orange. You can also replace it with orange and red combination

Start Filling Colors In Maa Radha's Drawing

Romantic Radha Krishna drawing is incomplete with Maa Radhe’s beautiful drawing. Similar to lord Krishna start filling colors in Maa Radhe’s drawing. Here also you need to  take care of color combinations, shades and intensity as per light. For hairs you can start with brown color shade and to add extra touch use black pencils to show hair strands and bangs.

Here, We have used red and pinkish shade in Radha’s clothes. You can observe we are trying to create light and dark combination of shade to add attractiveness to drawing.

Final Drawing With All Details

Radha Krishna Drawing

Complete Maa Radha’s drawing with all the instructions and suggestions we have given. Then start adding details like filling colors to swing. We added two small birds to add beauty in drawing. Fill colors in them as shown in drawing. at the end fill colors in various ornaments. 

Blend colors somewhat to add smoothness in various areas like skin and clothes.

This is the last step of romantic radha krishna drawing article.

Download Romantic Radha Krishna Drawing Image

Click below link to download romantic radha krishna drawing…

Click Here To Download HD Image of Drawing

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Drawing paper grade is defined in terms of GSM. As per general rule higher the GSM simply means thicker is the paper.

It’s depend on the type of drawing you’re drawing and comfort you’re having in color medium. Both mediums are really good in there own place. By using color pencils you can easily draw realistic color drawings. If you master the color pencils you can create an amazing artwork.

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