10+ Best Pikachu Drawing Ideas


Here you’ll find some cute, unique and easy pikachu drawing ideas. We are providing you some color pencil drawings of pikachu. Beginners and kids both can enjoy these artworks and start there journey of drawing. 

Pikachu Drawing Ideas

Easy Pikachu Drawing

Pokemon Drawing Easy Ideas
  1. H or 2H pencils for outlines.
  2. Normal and kneadable Eraser.
  3. DOMS Color Pencils.
  4. Black color pen to darken outlining.

Start with basic outlining with H or 2H pencils. Then do the outlining with dark black pen to darken outlines. Then fill colors in body of Pikachu. Yellow is the main shade of body but you can use brown shade to add shadow effects on body. Add red colors on chicks of Pikachu.

Cute Pikachu Drawing

Pikachu Drawing


It is a standing drawing of cute Pikachu. Here, you’ll also see pokeball besides Pikachu. Also added some shadow effect on the body of Pikachu to add some realistic effect.

Innocent Drawing of Pikachu

Pikachu Drawing Easy


It is an innocent drawing of Pikachu with some cute facial expressions. Here some grass is added below Pikachu’s feet.

Cute Pikachu Sitting Drawing

Cute Pikachu Drawing


Here, in this drawing you’ll see smiling sitting Pikachu. Here, we have added some more effect in the eyes of Pikachu.

Exciting Pikachu Drawing

Easy Cute Pikachu Drawing


Here, Pikachu is looking so excited and laughing as he is looking so happy. similar to other drawings it is also color pencil drawing.

Laughing Pikachu Drawing


Cute, smiling, laughing drawing of pikachu who is standing on the grass. you can use black charcoal pencil or brown pencil to add shadow effect on body of pikachu.

Pikachu Drawing Easy

Cute Laughing Pikachu Drawing


This is very innocent drawing of pikachu like it’s a baby pikachu. Baby sitting pikachu laughing with beautiful eyes. here also added shadow effect with black charcoal pencil.

Glowing Pikachu Color Pencil Sketch

Glowing Pikachu Drawing Sketch

Description and tools used -

This is the same picture of pikachu as you have seen above. But here some glowing effect and sparking effect is added as pikachu is an electric pokemon. 

Used Tools – Normal Editor and Sketchbook Mobile App

First of all added black layer over original drawing to improve effect of glowing. Then by using airbrush tool of sketchbook I have added glowing effect. Hope this will help you to add glow in your drawings.

Easy Pikachu Drawings for Kids & Beginners

Hope You Have Enjoyed Our Artworks

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