How To Draw Beautiful Lord Krishna Drawing ?


Lord Krishna drawing is one of the most famous drawing subject. Lord Krishna who had given several thoughts about how to live a life in Bhagawad Geeta. Krishna the god of protection, tenderness and love who has special place in every Krishna devotee. 

Lord Krishna Drawing Step by Step -

Drawing Reference Grids and Outlining

  1. Before directly starting outlining, you need to draw grids according to the ratio of your drawing reference.
  2. Ratios like 3:4 , 16:9, 1:1, etc.
  3. Here, I have used 3:4 ratio for my drawing with maximum dimension of 18cm * 24cm on A5 size paper.
  4. outer rectangle is divided into 9 rectangles of size 6cm * 9cm each. then every rectangle of those 9 rectangles are divided into 9 rectangles again. So, there are total 81 rectangles.
  5. After that by taking reference with respect to every rectangle start drawing outlines.

Shading and Blending of Face

Lord Krishna Face Sketch
  1. After completion of outlining. You can start doing shading, blending and adding depth in drawing.
  2. You can use graphite or charcoal medium for shading and blending.
  3. Here I have used graphite for this.
  4. For this you need tools like pencil, Graphite powder, brushes, kneadable eraser, cotton, etc.
  5. Always remember one thing never do very light shading because darkness always add more life and realistic touch.

Add Darkness to Hair -

  1. For hair first add darkness directly with soft charcoal.
  2. I have also used soft charcoal stick to add dark black effect to hair.
  3. then blend it properly using brush. So, that additional charcoal will be removed from paper.
  4. For adding fine details or to fill darkness in small areas use soft charcoal pencil.
  5. then to add realistic effect and to show hair highlights use eraser. First do it with kneadable eraser and then add highlights using mono eraser(use sharped normal eraser otherwise). 

Add Highlights and Some Watercolor in Background

Lord Krishna Drawing
  1. Add highlights on the skin using kneadable eraser.
  2. Highlights are very important to convert sketch from 2D to 3D.
  3. When you start adding highlights you’ll see changes in your drawing.
  4. I have added some colors in background mainly blue color which is identity of Lord Krishna.
  5. This lord Krishna drawing is having colorful peacock feather as we always see on lord Krishna’s head.
  6. Here Peacock feather is not done with sketching but colored with color pencils and watercolors to add some different look.
  7. Remove unnecessary charcoal from paper using kneadable eraser.

Download Lord Krishna Drawing -

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