Amazing Girl Drawing Ideas – 3rd one is the best!

Pencil Drawing is a very beautiful form of drawing to express your ideas. Here, In this article you’ll find some amazing girl drawing ideas. These ideas are for both beginners and professionals.

Girl Drawing Ideas

Pencil Drawing of a Girl Doing a Painting​

Girl Drawing
  1. To create this drawing you just need pencils (Grade HB to 4B), Eraser and Round Brush for blending at some places.
  2. First draw an outline with H or 2H pencil.
  3. Then next step is shading and blending. Use 2B to 4B pencils for adding darkness.
  4. Firstly shade all body with 2B pencil in lighter way and then add shadows by dark pencil.
  5. At the end add highlights using mono or kneadable eraser to add some 3D effect.

Easy Drawing of a Girl

  1. This is also a pencil line art which is nearly similar to above one. 
  2. With H or 2H pencil draw an outline.
  3. Use HB and 2B pencil to start doing line work.
  4. start doing hatching and adding depth and darkness to drawing. Add shadows with some darker pencil like 4B.
  5. Key point here is you just have to do hatching and add feel like shading and blending.

Amazing Charcoal Girl Drawing Idea

  1. This is a beautiful charcoal drawing with sharp eyes of woman.
  2. First as usual do outlining.
  3. Then use of soft charcoal is crucial here.
  4. start with eyes, use charcoal powder to add shade on skin, below eyes, in pupils of eyes.
  5. Use soft charcoal pencil to add that sharp black darkness in eyes.
  6. Before adding sharp black hair, add some charcoal powder below hair.
  7. then draw hair with soft charcoal pencil.
  8. At the end sign and make it yours.

Easy Girl Drawing

Beautiful Girl Drawing
  1. This is a charcoal drawing with the use of medium and soft charcoal pencils.
  2. This is the combination of shading with lines of charcoal pencils.
  3.  Draw outlines then start doing shading. Keep one thing in mind add nice amount of darkness to add more depth in drawing.
  4. then give some more effect of shadows with lines of charcoal pencil.
  5. Back of a girl is a critical part of this drawing. Observe it carefully and then do shading and blending.

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