Easy Pencil Sketch Drawing For Beginners – Step by Step

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Pencil sketch drawing for beginners step by step tutorial will help you to start your pencil drawing journey with ease. Pencil drawing is an art that holds a special place in the heart of every creative & aspiring artist. It’s an art form that every artist wants to master because the beauty of this art is somewhat different from other arts. Starting from simple to hyper-realistic pencil drawing is a beautiful journey and start it from here.

Easy Pencil Sketch Drawing For Beginners To Increase Your Excitement Before Starting

Easy Pencil Drawing of an Eye or Easy Pencil Sketch of an Eye

Easy Pencil Drawing Of An Eye

Easy Pencil Drawing of an Eye

pencil sketch drawing for beginners of a girl

Easy Pencil Drawing of a girl, Easy Pencil sketch drawing for beginners

Sample Easy and Beautiful Pencil Drawing of A Girl, Girl pencil sketch drawing for beginners

Pencil Drawing of Girl or pencil sketch drawing of a girl for beginners

Easy Pencil Drawing of a Girl

Sample Easy and Beautiful Pencil Drawing of A Girl, Easy Pencil Sketch Drawing for Beginners

Pencil Sketch Drawing for Beginners Step by Step Tutorial Starts here...

Let's Start with Simplicity

Simplicity is the key which makes pencil drawing unique. simplicity of pencil drawing attracts so many beginners to start with it. You just need a paper, a pencil and an eraser to start with the basic pencil drawing. You can draw anything, and at any time without having too many tools with you unlike watercolor or acrylic paintings. Just a simple strokes of pencil with patience to create a beautiful artwork is necessary. So, simplicity is the first point of pencil sketch drawing for beginners Step by Step tutorial.

Creativity to stand as different

Pencil drawing allows you to explore your creativity and convert your creativity into the reality of drawing. Just by using a simple pencil and eraser you can generate a pleasant work on a paper. See, you can draw whatever is in front of you easily by pencil drawing but you can also draw whatever in your mind easily by pencil drawing. Pencil drawing is one of the easiest way to convert creativity into reality by just a pencil and a paper. There are some more points about creativity  read here…

Basic Step by Step Tutorial

Getting Started

Basic Materials You'll Need

Every artistic journey starts with choosing correct materials. Pencil drawing is an artform that requires very less material but still to be a master of pencil drawing you need to know materials with their usage. But for beginner pencils (Grade 2H to 8B) , an eraser, a sharpener and  a white paper is sufficient.


See if you are an expert then you don’t need a specific or arranged workspace everytime.You can draw an artwork while travelling in a train, a bus or sitting on a random bench.but if you are beginner then Create a comfortable and well-lit workspace where you can focus entirely on your art. Having a clutter-free environment can boost creativity and productivity.

Sketching the Foundation


Before starting outlining you need to decide the ratio of your drawing with reference like your pencil drawing will be 1.5,2,2.5,3, etc. times larger or smaller than reference. Based on that Start your sketch by lightly adding the outlines of your subject on the paper. Outlining is one of the most important step, because accuracy starts from here only. Lot of beginners do outlining in too much hurry and end up creating a less attractive and less accurate artwork. Pay attention to proportions and positioning to achieve a strong foundation for your drawing.

Drawing Primary Shapes

After outlining, start capturing primary shapes in detail. Primary shapes means details of subjects and details of various parts in proper proportions. While drawing proportions and measurement play a very vital role in pencil drawing or sketching.

Checking Measurements

After completion on outlining and capturing primary shapes it is necessary to analyze measurements and proportions of your outline. You can use a pencil for measuring different objects and compare them with the original reference. This is a key point of pencil sketch drawing for beginners step by step tutorial.

Adding Basic Details

With the foundation in place, it’s time to start adding basic details. Gradually refine your sketch by adding more specific features and smaller elements. Pay attention to the subtle variations in shape and form. However, still avoid intricate detailing at this stage; focus on achieving a general likeness.

Adding Life to Drawing

Shading and Hatching

This is where your artwork truly comes alive. Use various pencil grades to add shading and depth to your drawing. Experiment with different strokes to create textures and visual interest.You need to take care of lighting of drawing that fro where you want light in case of still life pencil drawing.

Enhancing with Highlights

Highlights add a touch of realism and brilliance to your drawing.You can add highlight with eraser, white pencil or white gel pen also. These highlights will give more natural and realistic look to your drawing.

Blending To Achieve Smoothness

For a smooth and polished look, consider blending and smudging certain areas of your drawing. Use a blending stump or even your fingertip to gently blend pencil strokes together. This technique is particularly effective in creating soft gradients and smooth transitions between light and shadow. If you want to become a master in pencil drawing this is the skill you need to improve continuously.

Adding Finishing Touches

Final Look Towards Perfection

After completion take a look at every single detail of the drawing. Compare every object of your reference with actual drawing that you have drawn.

Signing Your Art

Once you are satisfied with your drawing, proudly sign your artwork. Signing own created pencil drawing artwork is a dream of every drawing artist.

Key to be Successful Pencil Drawing Artist

“Patience” is the ultimate key to be a successful pencil drawing artist. It’s like the story of tortoise and rabbit, where slow and consistent one always wins. Pencil sketch drawing for beginners step by step tutorial ends here.


Pencil drawing is an art that every artist wants to master but you need to be consistent and patient to command pencil drawing art. Simplicity, Creativity and Patience are the ultimate keys to be successful in pencil drawing.Pencil drawing easy and beautiful step by step is just a single article which will tell you about basic tools and how to start your pencil drawing journey. You can easily go into the details of pencil drawing from Pencil drawing easy and beautiful step by step to hyperrealistic pencil drawings, by following our other articles

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