10 Steps to Drawing Anything


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Estimated Time: Choose the more focused 1 month track or ease into your art practice by selecting the 2 month track.

Difficulty: Beginner

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Jessica Antonelli Jessica Antonelli Author

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1. Begin with the End in Mind

2. Edge-ucate yourself

3. Contrast

4. Relationships

5. Every day, Draw!

6. Add variety

7. Toolkit of Tricks

8. Interior shape and spaces

9. Viewpoint

10. End with the beginning in mind


  1. Adalgeir Sigurdsson

    Hello Jessica,
    my name is Adalgeir and I´m from Iceland. I have always wanted to learn the basics to draw and have little experiment. Saw your course when learning about designing website with ,,Website Creation Workshop,, and decided to jump in. I´m learning to create a website and e course and starting online coaching business as a Life Coach. I´m also very interested in visiting Mexico and hope I will have opportunity to travel over there.

    So, at least 3 good reasons for signing in and I´m looking forward to start and have fun.

    Kind regards: Adalgeir

    1. Jessica Antonelli Post author

      Wonderful to have you here Adalgeir! I’m happy to be the teacher to get to show you the basics, it’s going to be fun!

      I too am still a student in the art of creating websites, and this eCourse is still a work in progress that will be evolving with your feedback each week! It sounds like you are on a wonderful adventure, and I’ll be showing off my beloved city of San Miguel throughout, so you can get an idea before you visit 🙂

      Great to get to know a little more about you, we’ll be kicking off soon!

  2. Cynthia Antonelli

    OK I am your mom but I want to continue to learn and grow. How fantastic to have a daughter who is an art master! I have never drawn so this is a way for me to begin. This also gives me a way to check in with what you have been doing with your life. As always, I am impressed with your crazy entrepreneurial spirit and talent. So teach away my sweet and I look forward to being your student.