An Around the World Art Adventure

Draw your way to Adventure

See the world through the eyes of an artist

People say drawing is something you have to be born with, a talent only born to master who seem to know what to do as soon as they pick up a pencil. But that's only because schools don't teach the real tricks of the trade, the steps and strategies artists use to SEE (the true trick of learning to draw). 

If you've ever been embarrassed about your drawings...

Studies have shown that more than half of Americans had a shaming experience around art and creativity.  Learning to draw can be HARD! Your teacher Jessica will help you through the most frustrating parts of learning how to draw both in our video lessons and through direct feedback on each of your drawing assignments. You CAN do it!

Fill in the gaps in your art education

 All too often, art programs just put a subject in front of you and expect you to draw. And if you didn't go to art school, your last chance to create might not have been since 3rd grade! No wonder you feel like you can't draw, you haven't taken an art class since you were 10! Just like math, drawing can be learned. There are formulas, and rules waiting to be broken. The 10 Steps are designed to keep you in an upward spiral of creative skill building.

Why learn how to draw with any other eCourse when you can travel the world?

You could try to cobble together your skill set with random Youtube videos and no planned sequence. However, the biggest challenges most new drawers face are 1) not not knowing what they need to know and 2) their mental game (i.e. artistic angst and the brutally judgey voice in your head). Not only do we conquer your inner art critic together, but we also do it while drawing engaging scenes from Italy, Mexico, and more. All for less than the price of a plane ticket. 

The Drawing eCourse That Has It All

What's so great about the 10 Step Method? 
Classical Training

Discover the age old secrets of the masters through classical drawing exercises. These time-honored trainings will hone your skills in no time. 

Artist's Mindset

Why learn using the 10 Steps Method? Other courses teach only skills, but we'll up your inner and outer game for lifelong learning.

Travel Drawing 

Our art adventures will transport you to inspiring lesson locations such as Rome, Mexico, and the Carribean, enriched with culture and art history.  

Benefits of Drawing

Drawing ups your awareness and concentration, and promotes creativity in all areas of life. Discover your unique style. 

About your Teacher

Jessica Antonelli specializes in breakthroughs for people who think they can't draw. Born on the quirky island of Galveston, Texas, she graduated with an art degree and a Masters in Teaching from Austin College. She's taught art at all age levels, from 4 year olds to the retired-and-inspired, and has gleaned a lot about how we human beings learn and approach making art. 

“An artist is an explorer" -Henri Matisse

"Learn the rules like a pro so you can break                                           them like an artist."  -Pablo Picasso   

Born into a family of travel agents, Jessica fell in love                                       with a charming colonial town in Mexico, and moved there                             to escape the test-obsessed public school system. She                               plans to share her travel drawing adventures online when not                     in her historic San Miguel de Allende Studio, where she teaches, paints,     and directs the studio gallery space. 

What You’ll Get

Lifetime access to our course, including new videos added from new locations around the world each year. Weekly email will keep you on track with your drawing practice as you go at your own pace. 

The 10 Steps are a checklist you continue to return to each drawing you make. Each step includes a video instructional lesson, an art adventure, and helpful .pdfs and photo references to draw from.

No suffering artists around here-you'll get direct feedback & moral support from Jessica on each assignment. Grow with a private online community of students around the world to keep you motivated.

What People are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Biggest challenge before working with Jessica:

Overcoming my fear that I'm not creative.

“Jessica made me feel successful from the very first exercise. She made me enjoy drawing. She is a wonderful teacher able to break down the skills needed into manageable easy pieces.”

Sheila McFarland 
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

"My 'oops' are really signaling a new level of growth"

"Before, when I did my art work I know something was wrong, but I didn't know how to fix it. Jessica has taught me many ways of seeing and interpreting what I am looking at so that my rendering is authentic. AND not to give up but to try again--perhaps with a different medium. Jessica is a great teacher filled with joy and the love of teaching. What fun it has been!"

Rajala Kuehmichel 
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

"I've gotten past the negative stuff-I think I'm hooked"

“For me, learning to draw has always been difficult, mostly due to the negative emotional criticism in my own head. My class with Jessica has been so nurturing and supportive and has provided me a safe environment to make mistakes and actually improve my drawing. In just 2 months I can say I’ve gotten past the negative stuff and am enjoying the process of learning to draw—I think I’m hooked. Jessica’s class has been fun and her instruction is effective and I plan to attend her classes in the future!"

Barbara Nicholson 

Is This Course Right for You?

This dynamic self-paced online course is not for everyone. Make sure you are a good fit to get the most out of your drawing experience!


  • Beginners or those who have had some (but not a ton of) art instructions in the past
  • You can draw certain things well, but you're not even sure how or why they turn out alright
  • You've tried other courses or drawing books before but you lost interest or got distracted
  • You'd like to capture the world around you in your sketchbook and create memories there as well as beautiful realistic drawings


  • Advanced students who have had college-level basic drawing courses or the equivalent
  • You have a strategy for approaching a new drawing and you experiment to improve this approach
  • You are already a proficient drawer who is adding to your skill set with new or more advanced media and techniques
  • You are NOT interested in realistic drawing, but intuitive, or non-representational art instead


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